REgular technology and machine training

Health and Safety Policies

The company acknowledges and accepts its legal responsibilities for securing the health, safety, and welfare of all our employees. Also, the company will provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions so far as reasonably practicable. The company will encourage all employees to be actively involved in maintaining safe operating conditions and practices. Also, will carry out a regular review of this policy to ensure that these standards of Health & Safety are maintained.
All employees shall at all times take reasonable care of themselves and have due regard for the Health & Safety of others who may be affected by their work activities. They:

Communication and Training

Employees are given training specifically for work with hazardous substances, use of equipment, use of PPE, and manual handling. New staff receives induction training. A program of refresher training is commenced to keep employees up to date with industry best practices.

Risk Assessments

The company carries out and records formal risk assessments. In addition, risk assessments are carried out continuously by employees throughout their work. The company ensures operators are provided with appropriate instruction and training on risk.

Co-operation with Clients

Employees always familiarise themselves with client procedures when the attending site, in particular general site access, emergencies and high-risk work activities including permit to work systems.


All equipment is subject to routine maintenance, including electrical testing, taking into account various factors. PPE is provided as appropriate for the work activities. PPE is maintained by the individual and is subject to routine maintenance as appropriate.

Hazardous substances

The risk associated with hazardous substances is considered for all work activities. Alternative less harmful substances are used wherever possible. In case of health risks, PPE is provided and used by employees, and health surveillance is undertaken where necessary.