Trained staff

REgular technology and machine training

Employment Training Programme

Our team of employees is trained in the relevant aspect of specific duties they perform. All team members are well trained in the relevant aspects of cleaning duties required Training is conducted in 4 phases:


A full health and safety talk explaining the potential hazards of entire cleaning equipment and materials is an explanation in detail as there are many cleaning products and equipment that are required to be handled carefully with full precaution. In addition, we undertake a demonstration of personal protective clothing as well. All our cleaning equipment is color-coded and employees have trained accordingly. Basic electrical equipment is familiarized to team members with explanations of basic safety awareness and maintenance. Finally, we move ahead through the key issues in which we educate the team about issues that may arise while performing cleaning which will help them to understand the procedures in the event of any nonstandard occurrences.

On-Site Training

The On-Site Training takes place with all our team who enters the training program, to make them aware of real-time situations, and they are supposed to handle them. This work is well supervised to ensure that the candidate learns our unique method of work. We follow this routine task that the work to be conducted is first checked and then rechecked when it is carried out, just to ensure that all the work assigned is carried out according to specifications provided by clients. On-site training of candidates ensures that they understand the process well before starting on a live project.

Specific Site Training

Specific Site Training includes all aspects of a specific work being assigned to the team on site. Every site is treated differently as no two jobs are the same but are according to the specifications from the client-side. Hence, particular areas need may demand different attention and work to be performed. The employees are trained about the health and safety implications as well as the security procedures of that particular site.

Ongoing Training

Ongoing Training is to keep our members up to date with any changes in materials or procedure of techniques used. All relevant changes are introduced throughout and managers and site supervisors carry out training for a better understanding of process or equipment